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Play with TNT and Other Lessons from Minecraft

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We like talking about games and learning. We could even speak to your group or help convince skeptics that gaming in the classroom is a good thing.


Recently, we have presented about gaming in the classroom and our Minecraft projects at the ECOO 2012, OLA 2013 Super Conference and The Academy of the Impossible.

We have also appeared online on the Teachers Teaching Teachers and TL Virtual Cafe webcasts and presented webinars on gaming and learning to Teacher Candidates in Canada and abroad.


We would be very happy to speak to your group, either in real life or virtually. Contact us if you'd like us to speak to your group.


Presentation Description


Below is a description of our presentation. Feel free to share it with your admin or the presentation booker for your event.


Play with TNT and Other Lessons from Minecraft


What do you get when 30 students from three different schools share a single Minecraft world?


Lots of explosions, plenty of failing, some pvping and a whole bunch of authentic learning.


Join the GamingEdus, three TDSB teachers, as they talk about the successes and challenges behind their Multi-School Minecraft Server Project, a single virtual world open to selected low-performing TDSB students from three schools. Learn why Minecraft (and other video games) are ideal at teaching when schools seem to fail at it, get the basics on running your own Minecraft server and see how educators can use Minecraft (and other video games) in a student-led, inquiry-based approach that fosters authentic learning and critical thinking.


Liam O'Donnell, Diana Maliszewski and Denise Colby are three gamers who happen to be teachers. Together, they are the GamingEdus and can be found at: http://gamingedus.org.


For the past five years, they have used video games to support student success in literacy, numeracy, social skills development and where ever else the students take the learning. In 2012, they teamed up with the EDGE Lab at Ryerson University, to create North America's first Multi-School Minecraft server, where 30 students from 3 schools play, then write and create media around their experiences at: http://minecraftclubhub.pbworks.com.


Participants will gain a better understanding of the potential of video games in education and leave with a set of best practices for bringing games into their classroom or school.


Presentation Slides


Here's what you'll see when we talk. These slides will evolve as our project does, but this will give you a good idea about what we have to say and how we can help.



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