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News Archive April - May 2012

Page history last edited by liamodonnell 8 years, 2 months ago

April 29, 2012


We are now on Mumble (a voice communication application)!  You can download the client at www.mumble.com.  Information about the server is below, but you will need to get the password in game.


Mumble server info:

Name: Mumble Server
Address: gamingedus.mumble.com
Port: 5544 


April 23, 2012


We're flying now! Thanks to the knowledge of technascribe's students, she showed us how to use /gamemode to switch into creative mode, which means we now all can fly! And we've got infinite resources to build with. And best of all, zombies still try to eat your brains at night!


As a result, I've tweaked the permissions we each have, cutting back on the folks with OP powers, but still letting the TNT and lava buckets fly forth. The new builds are amazing. Will have images on teh tumblrs soon. I promise.



April 14, 2012


We've got a few more new members to our growing server. Welcome redblueshinobi and darkana82 to GamingEdus!


April 06, 2012


We have new people joining the server! Please welcome Technascribe, to the server!


Update to v1.2.5! on both the GamingEdus and TDSB Servers! 


April 1, 2012


We have a tumblr! Check out our adventures here: http://gamingedus.tumblr.com/


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