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News Archive Jan-April 2012

Page history last edited by liamodonnell 8 years, 2 months ago

Update your Minecraft for GamingEdus server

DO NOT Update your Minecraft for TDSB server (long story.)


Apologies if this is confusing - having issues accessing backend of TDSB server. Will get that resolved soon.


Mar 28, 2012


**Do NOT Update your Minecraft** - checking into latest update but to be on the safe side, don't update your client if you want to play on Gaming Edus or TDSB server.


I haven't had time to look into the new update, but will get to it ASAP. Thanks!


Mar 5, 2012


**Do Update your Minecraft**


Some of the plugins are broken - will update them as they become available. In the meantime, first one to tame a cat gets a  . . . um . . . badge!!!  


Mar 3rd, 2012


**Don't Update your Minecraft. **


The server is still running v1.1 and will continue to until Craftbukkit updates. Hang on, you'll get your cats soon enough 


Feb 26, 2012


New Lesson Plans and Curriculum connections using Minecraft and other video games added at the Curriculum Ideas page!


The Gaming Edus will be leading the "Wanna Play?" webinar at the TL Virtual Cafe on Monday, March 5th. Jump in and join us!


Feb 19, 2012


GamingEdus server: the Nether continues to be explored with construction on a new castle underway near the Nether Gate.


Player vs Player combat has arrived! Head out to Lupus Landing and take the train to the "Island of Doom!". Be a Mage, a Fighter, a Pyro and more and see who is the toughest GamingEdu around!


Feb 11, 2012


Individual Minecraft Clubs are underway! While we wait for  access to the Multi-School Server from school computers, participating clubs are playing in single player mode and are already documenting their findings on the Minecraft Club Hub wiki.


Added videos to the Links and Resources page, highlighting research into gaming and learning. I also added a Who We Are page, moving our bios from here to it's own page.


Feb 5, 2012


Built the Safe House near the initial spawn point and stocked it with some basic supplies - bread, wooden shovels and pick axes and a few torches.That's it. Also put up signs reminding players to share resources. We'll see if that happens. Hoping to have my crew of students on the server this week or next week. Just waiting on the IT dept to ok the Open Port requests.



Jan 25, 2012


The Multi-School Server is Live! The good folks at EDGE Lab have set it up and I'll be adding the necessary plugins in the coming days. Once we get the IT people at the board to okay connecting to the port, we can start running our clubs! I hoping sometime within the next two weeks.


Jan 20, 2012


The Multi-School Minecraft Server took several big steps closer to becoming reality this week. First, Denise and I handed the proposal to a key IT person at the TDSB and I explained our technical needs (school computers connecting directly to a specific port on another server). He seemed confident that it could easily be done, provided it's a low security/non-essential port (it is.) Phew! I knew it technically was easy, but wasn't sure how the IT dept would feel about letting it happen. The second big step, is that the ball is now in motion over at EDGE Lab to get the server installed and running. The amazing folks over there are on the case and hopefully the server will be a reality by the end of January.


Jan 15, 2012


The Proposal is Done!  (I think)


I've gone through our latest version of the proposal, tweaked it a bit, added images and turned it into a .pdf for easy sharing. You can download and view here: Multi-School-Minecraft-Project-Proposal.pdf


It will need on last copy edit with fresh eyes before it's submitted. Aside from fixing any stubborn typos, I feel it's good to go!




Jan 11, 2012 

Final, I hope, tweaks to proposal. Once it's been approved, we'll send it out. You can read the Jan 11 version here: Project Proposal Documents


Jan 6, 2012

Added an updated version of the proposal to the Project Proposal Documents page. Thank you all for your quotes and words. Please read it and feel free to add notes, change, etc.


Jan 2, 2012

Liam is back from holiday mode and will continue to work on proposal. Suggested due date for 1st draft: Thursday Jan 5th, for us to review. Aim to submit it during first week back (week of Jan 9th).


Liam planning on adding plugins to server to allow privacy controls, etc.


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