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Photo Gallery 5

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March 15-16, 2012

Sheep farms, spider jockeys and Nether constructions



Signs from the "Trouble House"                              Spider jockey in Lupis Landing



Lavender, her mate and new baby                    Phisa feeds his flock



Phisagrim mobbed by his biggest fans                         Baby blue and other assorted coloured sheep



Can you feel the love tonight?                                   Magma cube gets friendly



Peeking at Sid in his new cage                                   Phisa poses in front of Sid's pen



The hut view of the new PvP area.                         The assembly area to the Glow Stone Landing.



The PvP battle zone, with lava falls!               Phisa's new Snack Shack!


March 17, 2012




Phisa's main dining room in his restaurant               Phisa and Terra, swarmed by more sheep


March 21, 2012




Up close to a wild ocelot (by Terra)                                        The tamed tuxedo cat (by Terra)


March 27, 2012

MissC Returns!



Ghast attack on MissC's new Netherhouse     MissC attacks zombies



Gotta have an indoor pool!                              Epic showdown between arch-enemies!


March 28, 2012

Return to the jungle & Nether



Magma cube invasion!                                   Phisa's on fire - literally!


March 30, 2012

Triumph and tragedy 



Eclipse                                                       Mario would be jealous of these mushrooms!



The cat cemetery (thankfully premature!)               Finding diamond in the deep Grim mine!


March 31, 2012

Cat sanctuary and slime encounters



Mega-webs and monstrous spiders!                         Trapping the slime



The path to the jungle is done. Cats rejoice!          Posing near the Cat Centre



All 3 types of domesticated felines                    Spider jockey on the jungle path


April 1, 2012

Mount Rushmore










The faces of Phisagrim and Liragrim on the mountain near Lupis Landing.


April 4, 2012

Animal Invasion and Human Error



A zoo at the Rainbow Dye Factory!                                   A couple of errors in the work in progress


April 6, 2012

Projects finished and started 



A new track to ???                                                  The finished Mount Grim More! 


April 7, 2012

Liragrim's Cat



Approaching the ocelot with fish.               Presto! Here's Puss, my new pet!


April 8, 2012

Let's meet Technascribe!



Techna's jungle paradise!                                             A group shot of the whole crew (minus MissC)


April 9, 2012

Monsters wreck the party



Creepers blew up the redstone project.                              Skeleton archer mob spawn (or dance party!)


April 11, 2012

Kitty Cannon!



Gold!                                             The "after" shot


The "before" shot


April 14, 2012

Master Builders!



The sandcastle - with blue tipped roofs.                         Do you prefer blue or gold?



Diamond in the mines!                                             Darkana's sky scraper!



Techna gets ready to PvP in the Nether!               The combatants slug it out!



The wall is done! Note the detail!                              An environmentally friendly trash can!


April 16, 2012

Making a mark on the landscape



Inside shots of Technascribe's Egyptian masterpiece!     Another view



Outside looking in                                             Progress on Darkana's Tower



Terragrim's Cat Girl Statue                                        A view from behind


April 17, 2012

Technascribe's Desert Paradise



A beautiful room with great furniture!          Techna says she references Minecraft Furniture for ideas



Another room, another view.                              Peeking into the palacial spaces!


April 18, 2012

Building and destroying (photos by Terragrim)



Oops - one of the traps backfired                              Orange bird on Phisa's house - 1st of the Angry Birds



Blue Bird on top the mountain bunker.


April 19, 2012

More new projects! (Photos by Terragrim & Liragrim)




     Green bird up in the trees




                                                                           Bailing out water in MissColby's underwater lair!


April 20, 2012

New and Improved Pyramid!



Technascribe faces the zombies her pyramid spewed!          Easy way to get XP!



Phisagrim's indoor farm in the Sandstone City Inn          We bow to King Phisa!


April 21, 2012

Desert constructions & guests



Enderman between Anubis' ears                    Phisagrim's slime buddies


     Technascribe builds a complex trap door.

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