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Out Takes and Holding Page

Page history last edited by liamodonnell 8 years, 7 months ago

This is the dumping ground for stuff we don't need right now, but could need in the future


Logging into the Server (Hamachi Method - temporary)


Here's what you need to do:

  1. download and install Logmein Hamachi. Download Hamachi here or ask Liam to send you the program.

  2. launch hamachi and click the “power” button

  3. Choose a name for your client, you can use your minecraft name or make up another

  4. it will whir and twirl for a minute or so then . . .

  5. click “join existing network”

  6. in the Network ID window put: GamingEdus

  7. in password put: edusrock

  8. You should now see the GamingEdusServer and a green dot appear in your hamachi window and possibly a list of other players online.



Grats! You are logged into Hamachi.


Now you need to log into Minecraft and tell it to connect to the server via hamachi.


Here's how you do that:

  1. Open Minecraft and log in. Make sure you are running the latest version of MC - so update if it asks you to.

  2. Go Multiplayer and put this address into Server Address: Click Join Server

  3. You're in? Great! If not, try adding the port to address, so you enter:

  4. That work? Awesome! No? Email me here or DM me in twitter and we'll get it sorted.


Possible Errors: Invalid server key/version or something – make sure you've updated minecraft to the latest version, reload and try again.

If that gets you in, great! If not, give me a shout here or in twitter @liamodonnell and we'll get it sorted.


How to Log In to the Server

1. Launch Minecraft (if you've bought it, set up an avatar name, etc.)
2. Click on Multiplayer
3. Choose Direct Connect
4. In the Server Address window, enter this: gamingedus.servegame.com:25565
5. Click Join Server


Having trouble connecting to the server?

Make sure:

1. You are running Minecraft v1.0 (update if it asks you.)

2. You have correctly entered the Server Address info (see above)

3. Your firewall/virus software isn't blocking Minecraft.

Set it as a "safe", or "allowed" program.


Still having trouble? Email Liam at liamodonnell@gmail.com or DM in twitter @liamodonnell

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