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Minecraft Photo Gallery

Page history last edited by TingLeditor@gmail.com 8 years ago

Here's where we can stick our shots from our Minecraft adventures!


November 6th,  2011


We're on a Boat!



All 3 of us on simultaneously for the first time!

November 6, 2011



self-portrait in PraxisMaxis' safe house                         admiring handiwork



boating to MissC's - look at her sculpture!                    enjoying the sunset




Prax's garden                                                            Just a general shot


November 12, 2011

Diana's Solo Attempt



Liragrim in the boat hunting a cow.                         Liragrim stuck down below - Praxismaxis teleported to her aid



What MissColby did when the server went down. 


Server Restored! - All 3 in Action!

December 10, 2011



Liragrim getting out of the )#@#% hole                    Checking out MissColby's awesome new house



Praxis made us a cake that we didn't know how to eat.       The new cow we fenced in as a new mate for the old'un.



Creepers & skeletons waiting to ambush us on the track.               Herding the wild cow into Praxis' pen 


December 17 & 18, 2011

Liragrim builds her house!



My bed inside my 1st house.                              A view of the process from outside.



A view of my dirt Lira sign - house front.          My house's side view.



Working on the higher floor.                              A view from the lower floor.


Finally enclosed in glass - view up main staircase.


December 27, 2011

Liragrim home renovations!



Inside, 2nd floor, mix of wood, glass, stone.     Outside view from side - will need windows.


January 3, 2012

Liragrim Adventures in Farming!



Sunset as seen from my farm field.                         My modest little wheat crop.





Comments (3)

TingLeditor@gmail.com said

at 11:19 pm on Nov 8, 2011

Does anyone remember what folder the F2 screenshots go in when taken during game play? I want to post mine here!

liamodonnell said

at 8:20 am on Nov 9, 2011

The Gallery is a great idea! Finding your MC screens is a pain because it defaults to saving them in the ".app data" folder in xp, which is hidden by default. Here's where they're located depending on your operating system:
Linux: ~/.minecraft/screenshots
Windows XP / Vista / 7: %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots
Mac OS X (alternative if you have users enabled on your mac): ~/users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots

I grabbed this info from: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Screenshots

Top Tip: Once you find your app data folder, create a shortcut to it and put in a place you can find it easily. Next time you want to see your screenies, just click the short cut! :)

liamodonnell said

at 8:21 am on Nov 9, 2011

I guess I should have mentioned with those paths above: drop them into windows explorer/mac/linux alternative and you should find those files. Or just do a general search for minecraft (a bit tedious, but hey!)


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