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Server Info

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Gaming Edus Server Information


How to Log Into the Server

1. Get your username added to our white list. Check out the Whitelist Request page to make that happen.

2. Launch Minecraft (if you've bought it, set up an avatar name, etc.)
3. Click on Multiplayer

4. Choose Add Server

5. In the Server Name window, give it a name (ie GamingEdus Server)

6. In the Server Address window, enter this: gamingedus.servegame.com

7. Click Done. The GamingEdus server is now in your server list!

8. Choose it and click Join Server and you're in!


How to Log In to Mumble Voice Chat


Download Mumble and follow install instructions.

Ask in game for the Mumble details.


Having trouble connecting to the server?

Make sure:

1. You are running the same version of Minecraft as our server? Check Gaming Edu Server Details to the left.

2. You have correctly entered the Server Address info (see above)

3. Your firewall/virus software isn't blocking Minecraft. Set it as a "safe", or "allowed" program.

4. Is your avatar on the white list? Fill out the Whitelist Request form and make it happen!


Still having trouble? Email Liam at gamingedusATgmail.com.


Gaming Edus is a white-listed server for educators (and friends of educators) to explore, play and learn about Minecraft for themselves. Fill out a Whitelist Request form to join our server!


If you are an educator interested in exploring Minecraft with other educators, contact gamingedus@gmail.com to be added to our server white-list.


The Gaming Edus server is separate from Multi-School server where our various after school Minecraft clubs meet and play. You can check out what they are up to at the Minecraft Club Hub wiki.


Gaming Edus Server Details:


Server Address:gamingedus.servegame.com

(this only works if you're on our white list! Getting white listed is easy!) 

Minecraft Version: 1.6.2

Craftbukkit Version: 1.6.2 Dev

Plugins: Essentials, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Residence, LWC, WAR and more.


Latest Server News


July 10th, 2013

Updated to 1.6.2 Bug fixes FTW!


July 3rd, 2013

Updated to 1.6. Get your horse and ride off into the sunset!


May 20th, 2013 (or thereabouts)

Updated to 1.5.2.


April 9, 2013

We're running 1.5.1! Hoppers!


Feb  8, 2013

Completed server move. All worlds now living in dedicated box with 16G RAM and 10 G fibre cable, courtesy the amazing people at Ryerson's EDGE Lab. 


Jan 18, 2013

Update to 1.4.7. Go on. You'll like it!


Dec 23, 2012

Server updated to 1.4.6. Update yer client.


Nov 20, 2012

Craftbukkit updated to 1.4.5. Update your game client!


Oct 31, 2012


Now running Craftbukket 1.4 beta build. YOU CAN UPDATE your Minecraft game!


Oct 28, 2012


DO NOT UPDATE your Minecraft client. Still waiting for Craftbukkit to update.


Aug 21, 2012


Updated Minecraft to 1.3.2. Bug fixes, yah!


Aug 8, 2012


Updated server to v1.3.1. Temples and Tripwire!


May 20, 2012


Lots of updates to the server!


The player permissions have been revamped, with three levels of members: Admin, Moderators, Builders. Builders can do many things like: switch between creative & survival with the /gamemode command, teleport and warp and set warps. Type /help in game for all the details.


We now have a new PvP plugin called WAR, which lets us have multiple PvP arenas on the server. Check out the WAR Plugin site for details on how to create and use the new battlegrounds.


April 29, 2012


We are now on Mumble (a voice communication application)!  You can download the client at www.mumble.com.  Information about the server is below, but you will need to get the password in game.


Mumble server info:

Download Mumble and follow install instructions.

Name: Mumble Server
Address: gamingedus.mumble.com
Port: 5544

Password: ask in game


Mar 3rd, 2012


**Don't Update your Minecraft. ** (edit: You can update to v1.2.5 - LOD April, 2012)


The server is still running v1.1 and will continue to until Craftbukkit updates. Hang on, you'll get your cats soon enough.  


Jan 29th, 2012

We've upgraded Craftbukkit to v1.1, so go ahead and update your Minecraft to 1.1.


Dec 18, 2011

Updated successfully! Server up and running. Follow log in instructions to the right and we'll see you in game!

*Invalid version* bug has been squashed!


Dec 14, 2011

CraftBukkit updated and server is up and running. Trying to log in without Hamachi, so please refer to the old (new) log in instructions -------------------------------------------------------->


Let me know of any log in issues and I'll see about fixing them!


Saturday, Dec 10, 2011

Borkedness fixed with Hamachi! Log in  as the instructions on the right.


Server borkedness has forced me to use Logmein Hamachi to get people on the server. This is temporary and I'll keep working to fix our log in issues. In meatime, see the current Logging into Server instructions (at right).


Thursday, Dec 8, 2011

Server is borked. Log in issues go beyond Diana's system. Liam tried to log in from EDGE Lab with no luck. Liam will pull out some of his hair and continue to work on it.


Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011

Updated our IP and established a new permanent DNS name for our server. While the IP number will change often, you should always be able to use: gamingedus.servegame.com:25565 to log into the game.


Hoping this will fix connection issues for Diana and others.


Monday, Dec 5, 2011

I've linked the server address to a server name, which will hopefully make logging in easier. In the server address window paste: gamingedus.liamodonnell.com:25565

Because I host the server on my network, I can't test if this works. But you can! Please try and tell me if it works or what error messages you get (via email or twitter dm)


Sunday, Dec 4, 2011

My IP address has changed! When logging into the server, enter the following as the server address:


Saturday, Dec 3, 2011


GamingEdus Back Up! (sort of)

The new update of craftbukkit is still not out but I managed to hack the server into life to allow us to play again! Basically, the world and all our stuff is there, but many of the bells and whistles are not available. Not a big concern as most of the bells just allowed me to run the server more smoothly. The important thing is to TRY AND LOG IN again and see if it works. If it doesn't, let me know either here or via dm in twitter and i'll keep tinkering.

I'm so excited! I'll be on tonight for sure.



Minecraft Update and Server Update

(Sunday Nov 23, 2011)


The Minecraft update! Last week, Minecraft released their biggest update ever. After a year and a bit of being in Beta (testing mode), it is now "officially" released to the public. This means it's now $5 more expensive (but I hear teacher discounts are on the way.)  When MC updates, all the other independently created programs that run along side of the game (known as plugins) also need to update. But they can only *start* their updating after MC is released. I use a program called Bukkit to run our server. It's free and opensource and created by the generosity and passion of a few coders. These guys and girls are hard at work updating Bukkit. But it takes time.

Until the updated version of bukkit is released our server is running the old version of MC. If you have updated your game (as I did) to the new version of MC, you won't be able to get into our server. However, if you selected "not now" when asked to update in MC, you should be able to get into our server and I encourage you to try. If you did update can play in single player mode and create your own world (we won't be able to visit you, but you'll have some "alone time" :)

I'm working on getting the server updated and will let you know the moment it is done.



GamingEdus Server Info


While we teachers get our Minecraft accounts set up and learn to play, I've created a server hosted on one of my own boxes at home. It's called the "GamingEdusTestServer". This will be fine for us, but not appropriate for school use. I'm working to get us server space - stay tuned on that.


I'll keep the server running as long as possible each day, but can't guarantee hours of operation. If you try to connect and get a "timed out" error, the server isn't on. Also, all servers have to make initial contact with the Mojang servers before loading. If the Mojang servers go down (and they do) then you'll get the timed out error (so do all MC players around the world.) When this happens, there's nothing I can do until Mojang get their servers up. (This is happening less and less as MC gets bigger.)


In the meantime, here's how you can log into GamingEdus Server:


1. Launch Minecraft (assuming you've bought it, set up an avatar name, etc.)
2. Click on Multiplayer
3. Choose Direct Connect
4. In the Server Address window, enter this:
5. Click Join Server


To save time in the future you can add the server to a pre-set list. Here's how:

1. Log in and click Multiplayer.

2. Click Add Server

3. Name the server and add the IP address in the Server Address window:  gamingedus.servegame.com:25565

4. Click Done.

5. From now on, when you want to join the server, just select it and click: "Join Server" and you're in.


Enjoy! :)




Feel free to take what you want from the chests and build where ever you like. Avoid building near the spawn point as the blocks will just disappear.


Have fun!

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