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Skins - changing them and more

Page history last edited by liamodonnell 12 years, 6 months ago

When you start Minecraft, your avatar comes preloaded with a default look or "skin". Thanks to the open and maker nature of MC, these skins can be easily changed anytime you wish. Changing skins for your students is a good idea so that everyone doesn't look the same. I pre-selected fun skins for the kids to wear before they logged in on their first day.


This is a quick run down on one way you can change your avatar's skin:


1. Go to the "Skindex" http://www.minecraftskins.com/  and browse through the hundreds of user created skins.

2. Download a couple that you like and save them to your computer (you'll need to find them later.) 

3. Go to http://minecraft.net and log into your account. *Make sure you are NOT currently logged into the Minecraft game!*

4. Click on "Profile".

5. Mouse down to the "Change Skin" section.

6. Click "Browse" to search for the skins you downloaded in Step 2.

7. Pick a skin and click "Upload".

8. Once the upload is complete, log into the Minecraft game. You should now be wearing your new skin!

9. If you don't like the skin, just repeat Steps 1 - 8 until you find one you like.



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